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Top 5 Travel YouTube Channels In Thai

Top 5 Travel YouTube Channels In Thai

Thai Language
March 14, 2024 · 1 min read

One of the best ways to learn a language is through immersion; spend as much time using Thai throughout the day as possible. If you don’t live in Thailand, this might be easier said than done. One way to accomplish this is to replace something you do everyday with its Thai language equivalent. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, so I’ve recently been watching Thai YouTube channels instead.

Here’s a list of our 5 favorite Thai Travel YouTubers.

  1. Go Went Go

    Go Went Go is a YouTube channel run by Bas that documents his travels around the world. He likes to travel off the beaten path where there aren’t a lot of other tourists. Every video has Thai subtitles with optional English closed captions. I would recommend that you try to watch without the English subtitles and only turn them on if you really need them.

  2. Asapapailong

    Wahncai is a music producer and content creator. His videos feature him getting “lost” in his travel destination. He travels without a plan and explores the local destinations and foods. His videos often feature Thai subtitles and occasionally have English closed captioning available.

  3. Chino To Share

    Chino’s channel focuses heavily on solo travel. He talks about traveling to different places alone and prefers to take public transportation. His more recent videos have Thai subtitles and a few of his videos have English subtitles if needed.

  4. Pigkaploy

    Pigkaploy is a female Thai solo traveler. She usually visits trendy locations or locations without a lot of tourists. Her videos feature Thai subtitles and optional English closed captions.

  5. TheGaijin Trips

    TheGaijin Trips focuses on traveling by motorbike. He will often stop to talk to local residents and business owners. His videos have Thai subtitles and some of his videos have English captions.

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