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Our Method

Welcome to Simple Thai, where mastering Thai feels more like a journey of discovery than a classroom lesson. Imagine learning Thai not through tedious grammar drills, but by diving into captivating stories, engaging dialogues, and videos with natural dialog that match your current level of understanding. Our approach, known as 'comprehensible input', is all about providing you with Thai content that's just a little bit ahead of what you already know. Think of it like a video game where each level is perfectly designed for your skills, challenging enough to keep you interested but not so hard that you feel lost. You'll encounter new words and phrases in the context of real-life situations, allowing you to understand and remember them naturally. It's like learning Thai the way you learned your first language - intuitively, effortlessly, and with a sense of adventure. Join us and experience the joy of learning Thai in a way that feels as natural as having a conversation with a friend.



Learn Thai by reading stories written especially for your level. Featuring a pop-up dictionary to help make every word comprehensible.


Learn Thai by watching videos using comprehensible input at your level.

Flash Cards

Review words you encountered in the stories with our Spaced Repetition System.