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Simple Thai Stories: Floating Markets

An intermediate level Thai and English parallel text which discusses the history and culture of Thailand's famous floating markets.

This complimentary book offers an engaging story centered around the captivating floating markets of Thailand, presented through a bilingual text format. It’s crafted to support learners at the intermediate level in enhancing their Thai language skills while immersing them in a unique aspect of Thai culture.

  • Bilingual Text: Navigate the enchanting narrative of Thailand’s floating markets with the help of parallel Thai and English texts, designed to facilitate your comprehension.
  • Vocabulary Guide: Equip yourself with essential vocabulary from the story, setting the stage for a more accessible and enriching reading experience.
  • Comprehension Exercies: Test your understanding and retention of the story with targeted comprehension exercises.
  • Writing Exercises: Encourage the application of your newly acquired knowledge through thought-provoking writing prompts, allowing for practical Thai language writing practice.
  • Flexible Reading Formats: Access the story across various devices, available in both PDF and ePub formats for your convenience.

Comprehensive Study Bundle Included at No Extra Charge

  • In-Depth Study Guide: Take advantage of an included study guide designed to optimize your learning journey.
  • Audio Narration: Deepen your immersion into Thai culture with the story narrated by a native speaker, enhancing your listening skills and pronunciation.
  • Custom Anki Deck: Supplement your vocabulary learning with a specially designed Anki deck, complete with example sentences and audio clips for a holistic learning experience.