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Simple Thai Stories: Thai Culture

An intermediate level Thai and English parallel text with five stories discussing the culture of Thailand.

This book is an intermediate-level collection that features five captivating stories from Thailand’s vibrant culture, presented in parallel Thai and English texts. It’s designed to enhance your reading skills and deepen your understanding of Thai language and culture.

  • Bilingual Text: Dive into the authentic Thai narratives with side-by-side English translations to aid your understanding.
  • Vocabulary Guide: Familiarize yourself with key vocabulary from each story, preparing you for a smoother reading experience.
  • Comprehension Exercises: Evaluate your understanding of the texts with specially designed questions.
  • Writing Exercises: Apply what you’ve learned by engaging in writing activities, helping you to practice Thai writing.
  • Flexible Reading Formats: Enjoy the convenience of reading in your preferred format, with PDF and ePub options available for various devices.

Enhance Your Learning with the Study Bundle

  • Detailed Study Guide: Maximize your study sessions with our comprehensive guide.
  • Narrated Audio: Immerse yourself in the language by listening to the stories narrated by a native Thai speaker.
  • Custom Anki Deck: Accelerate your vocabulary learning with a tailored Anki deck, featuring example sentences and audio for each card.